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Hi guys, today i aint interested in typing a post as i dont have the mood to discuss on any of the issues whatsoever..But instead i had jus now created a collage (Which doesnt look like that as ive kept it in orderly form!!!) on the best movies ive watched till now..and the films ive watched several times..And mind you, ive started watchin english and other language movies only in ma second year of the coll and im now in the fourth year..But i would have watched some 300 odd movies (i had even took the list of it once in ma sem hols..That much vetti!!!) and still counting ..Til the last film ive watched today, Nuovo cinema paradiso..Ive taken into account of the best movies of this lot of 300..I know some of them dont have this taste of movies..But then these movies made me think a lot about movies, to become a passive member of Cinema club of Coimbatore, an active member of Film club in ma coll, and abilty to appreciate the makin of a film..The review of these 30 odd movies..I wish i will give u the review of all of these in this month itself..But then ma conscience would turn ma heads to studies in a weeks time (Though it gets sometimes distracted by IPL) as midsem arent far away and most importantly the project (ill write about a post on this one year Kuthu!!!) But i become permanently vetti for a months time for awaiting the call letter from Vedanta ill give u its reviews..But im over-exaggerating things..As most of the people would have watched these movies..By the way sorry for the loss of clarity cos im new to the world of can rather save the image and have a look onto it if u wish..The films in the collage are (from the top left)
The good, bad and the ugly, Curious case of Benjamin button, Blindside, Children of heaven, Pursuit of happiness, Troy, Up in the air, Schindlers list, Lives of others, Rashmon, Nuovo cinema paradiso, Hotel rwanda, Valkyrie, Departed, 3-iron, unfaithful, amelie, october sky, der untergang, run lola run, Life is beautiful, Shawshank redemption, Pulp fiction, City of gods, Brave heart, Terminal, Badaam ve oglum, Catch me if u can, Saving private ryan, Million dollar baby, Phone booth, A walk to remember..


Yesterday when I was starting to ma railway station, I caught a bus from ma college to the railway station (am sorry its Railway Tation!!)..And I thought of writing a post on the buses in the Coimbatore..From ma first year in Coimbatore till now, nothing has changed in the bus service of Kovai (except for some Trail buses and LED buses, a mask of urbanization for the play called ‘World classical Tamil conference’)..The psychopathic conductors, the lethargic drivers, and their attitude towards stopping the bus near CIT..(That stop is called CMC but there is another stop called CMC..No hard feelings CITians..)..So far the buses ive travelled in Chennai don’t have a sound system unlike kovai buses..The major problem is this …people get tempted to hit the roof of the bus with their fingers in sync with the Kuthu music..But then it lasts for few minutes..Soon the conductor from nowhere appears and abuse the one who made the sound by saying ‘Ennaiya sutha Kerakam Pudichavana irrupa pola’…Once I heard this abuse from the conductor to a fellow passenger..So out of curiorsity, I asked all the fellow passengers around me to hit the roof when that psycho was collecting tickets( Oh sorry!! That’s seats)..from the ladies..When he came again no one made a noise and were speaking together..He got frustrated and we deceived him twice..And another headache these conductors give is telling all the passengers to move front even if there is no space..As we are accustomed it we dont take it seriously..But during the conference, if any people from other parts of India board the bus, they wont give a damn..Its the conductor’s true test of Character..Hope all goes well..The worst of them are present in the Bus stand where the conductors wont even respond to our questions about the arrival of buses(Though its not their responsibility)..Among these ditches, there are also some good conductors.There was this instance when a conductor was comin to me once in a minute to get the score of Tendulkar when he was goin towards the score of 200 and myself with some people and the conductor enjoyed the feat together..But we cant totally complain the conductors for their hysterical behaviour as some of the passengers are responsible for this by asking odd ques like during peak hours, asking a local bus conductor whether it goes to Pollachi, and some of the drunkards torturing the conductors in the night by discussing about the railway budget of 2011..So the mind-set of the conductors has to change, by ignoring the comments of useless fellows and atleast try to be polite to the passengers..

Today, having bunked ma classes came to ma home which is in Chennai..And I heard the news of India’s loss against Spain in the Hockey worldcup with a great margin, I suddenly felt whats the big deal…Even the national game of our country is being remembered only when there is any big events like the world cup happening in our country..Moreover I realized I didn’t followed the previous edition of it and India’s position in that edition..But this time due to the urge of ma frnds to watch (in particular our coll’s Hockey team captain) I followed some of the matches in the process and I didn’t feel it as a waste of time as the duration of the match is just 70 mins (on the contrary cricket’s duration is nearly 8 hours)..Most of our guys said that India will surely reach the semis after its so called comprehensive victory against Pakistan..But I cant even comment on it as I haven’t watched a single game in ma life..But after that match I felt the Pakistanis were unlucky to lose that match despite the valiant efforts of sohail abbas..So I said to myself if India wins the next match, then ill include Hockey as one of ma favourite sport but then the Indians played a spoil sport..From the start all the players had one turn into goal keepers..and in that process got a lot of penality corner..and goals were conceded in the first half of the first half..And then the real goal keeper forgot his role seeing all the others and left a lot of gateways to the Aussies victory..Most expected player was Prabhjot singh who had worn the scarf jus like Virender Sehwag but he was not so convincig..The greatest achievement in that match was getting two goals..Though the Indians were knocked out, as everyone say they cant go back to their home as it is theirs..Even the Indian people may shed a few tears for a couple of days (indeed over-exaggeration!!) but then return back to celebration as IPL is gonna begin in a week..May be they will have their concerns over the Hockey team in few reputed matches like PHL, Azlan-Shah cup etc..So it is a matter of our National game which is in the docks..Its high time the Hockey federation must take up this matter seriously..or else the victory of the Indian Hockey team will be admired only in Chak De India for years to come!!!

It has been a week since i had posted a blog cos i went to CECRI karaikudi last week for attending a syposium. I was fortunate enough to get first in both paper as well as in technical quiz (though it wasnt for geeks!!!). I was in Karaikudi – the land of Chettinad for two days. Ma first day experience was a memorable one. I had a gr8 breakfast and lunch in the coll mess and had a gr8 noon sleep and then with ma frnds went out to see places in and around karaikudi..We visited a place called 1000 window house. It was great and the auto driver who had a nice chat with us told about the reason for the origin of the house and he added that Ajay devgan came to this house for the shooting and we went inside and saw the classic ‘Thinnai’ and also caught some snaps of it..Ate some medhu vadais in the road side and also went to a marriamman koil for a thiruvizha and the only disappointment was that they didnt gave us the traditional Kooll(not the Amul brand) but then it was good and there were far more beautiful chicks in Karaikudi when compared to ma coll..So ma second day was fully filled with events and the main highlight was a girl from SSN with whom i got attracted like anything and also she recogonised me…Man..her eyes were seductive and i also wanted to tell her about this as a compliment but she was accompanied by her mother so the chance was missed…Anyway it was a cool trip got some cash filled in ma pocket for eating burgers and more and most importantly to book an ipl ticket…So thats it about karaikudi…rest of the stuff in the next post

Hi everyone!!Today was a boring day and even i didnt get time to have ma lunch (over scena!!) cos i am the representative of ma class and as this is the final year, a lot of proceedings to be done beforing signing out with Respect and without any arrears…So i saw this film ‘A walk to remember’ which was suggested by a topper in ma class and it came as a surprise to hear from him abt movies..So respectin his suggestion, i saw the movie..Hmm everyone says Titanic is the best romantic movie in the world but there are many other contenders in this race and this is one of them..The storyline is simple..Landon Carter (Shane west) is under a threat of expulsion from the coll as he played a prank with his fellow frnd and resulted him to get hospitalised..and his punishment for these activities results in indulgin him in Tutoring the students,performing in a musical etc..So he is frustrated as he had to leave from his gang ang his routine..So at this juncture he abt to meet Jamie (Mandy moore) who is a bookworm with a lot of ambitions and was grown up in a conservative society under her father, a church’s pastor..Soon landon develops love for Jamiie by doin all the things she like and when she starts to love him, his father considers this as a sin..(Dont know why!!Maybe a satan clings durin an affair..only god and this nyna knows…) and after Jamie convince her father she hang around with him..Suddenly oneday she reveals to Landon that she is suffering from Leukemia and she will die within a year (Intha Ponnungala ippadi thaan) and the emotional happenings between them till her death is shown in an excellent manner and this movie though ends on a sad note its gr8 to watch…A great film to hang out with ur Girlfrnd…They will really like it..cos..I dont wanna say..Bye thenn!!

I thought of givin ma reviews on this film ‘Malena’ a long back but now i got time to do so!! Such a nice movie and if your deep into the movie youll even forget about the obscenity which comes as a part of film..The film is set in a Italy durin the world war II. Malena, (Monica Belluci) comes to a place along with her Deaf Father, a professor who works as a teacher in school..A boy named Renoto who is jus 12 years old falls in love for malena..But then Malena is already married and his husband works as a soldier in the Italian army..As malena is single, many of the people in the town starts gossips about her marriage life, and once she hears the news of her Husband’s death..and suddenly the people around her abuse her and some of the men propose to her and once she face the accusation of seducing a men, a case filed by that man’s wife, so the lawyer of malena argues and proves she is innocent and in return he comes to malena and gaja-gaja (a jagron for makin love..i have put this in right sense if im suppose) and so the people starts abusing her as a whore to the core (what a punch!!) and slowly her self-esteem gets diminished and then she took a drastic step of turnin into a whore really..At this juncture Renato, unable to stop thinking abt malena, dreams about her and his family starts to worry that the devil is entered into him..(Because of a woman!!No hard feelings!!). So they does all this Voo-doo to remove the devil..And malena becomes a gift to the German soldiers..After the war got ended, the german soldiers returns to their home..and she gets caught in the eyes of the italians..The women of Italy surround her and strip her in public, and also shave her red-colored hair (a signature of Whore!!)..This scene is the best one apart from the climax..So she fleds from the town after the death of his father..Suddenly a twist in a tale..Her husband comes in search of her in the town..He cant find her and finally he finds her and bring her back to the same town after two years..In the company of her Husband, she again receives a warm welcome which is even watched by renato along with his girl frnd (nammaku 1000 fig madiyum machi!!) and finally he wishes her good luck for her life and apart from this , in the beginning she ask her to buy some cigarettes were the two dialogues between them throughout the film..The film was greatly crafted by Tarnatore and this film has it all..excellent cinematography and music…Worth watching for any price and any number of times.And dont miss the final narration of adult renato on his love on malena!!.But the ultimate comedy had come recently about this film..A tamil film “Azhagana Ponnuthan” which is stated for its release hugely inspires from malena..with the lead roll Namitha(After seeing the trailer, i cant compare Namitha with Monica Belluchi) anyways i am gonna see it whether it scores more marks in the Box after copyin!!! (may be an “e” adichan copyright!!!!)

Yesterday, I didnt do any work other than watchin the t20 between Australia and Westindies from 1 pm but after Australian innings, i switched the channel to watch the odi between India and South Africa at jaipur..Though the Indians had the hiccups in the team selction, it was a good performance by the players with the bat..But the main Highlight was the six that was hit by Ashish Nehra off Charles Langelveldt proved costly for the proteas..Regardin bowling of the Indian Team..What can i say!!Not at all convincing at the death overs..May be they can contain four to five overs at the start, but at the slog they are experimenting with the ball as if its a warmup match and leaks the runs from all parts of the ground….(And I wanna know whether Sachin knew that it was a boundary during the last over!!) Dhoni pls look onto it!!!May be we can replace Sreesanth with Tyagi in the next match and in the next series include R.P.Singh..As only there is only an year for the next world cup 2011 and we have to payback the revenge to the world countries the haunting scenes of Rahul crying (Mummyy!! i dont have any Luck facing the subcontinent teams!!) still remains fresh in our mind..We can be a world number2 or no.1 but the situation in the match can make us down in the dumps..And even the cricket critics comment about India as not winning the great tournaments..Dhoni should silence these critics by having a greater temperament and ability to handle the pressure even wel.. as he had in the last match (Though he lost his cool and shouted Praveen kumar first to pick the ball and then throw it)!!!But then in the end Indians were the deserved side to win!!!Itll be good if they follow the same tempo throghout the series!!If i speak about cricket, this post will be like an answer to ma History public exam..So ill discuss a lot in ma future posts Thats it for now..Kudos!!!

I thought tomorrow I can publish another post but then ma pal has this 24 hr internet connection so I had a second thought that why cant I post another one today with his oc(we do it without any price for it) connection.. So as I said in ma earlier post I am gonna discuss about the two gruesome films, some would have guessed it..Thats right!!They are ‘Salo or 120 days of Sodom’ and the ‘Cannibal Holocaust’…This film Salo, I saw this four months back in ma home during study hols..I have a habit of searching in the orkut forums about a lot of films which have unique style…One such movie was Salo..This movie’s review was placed under Banned movie collection..So I got piqued as on what basis they were banned..So I read about this movie and everyone said the samething ‘Don’t ever watch this movie’ and I checked in the imdb and that also had rave reviews abt the film. Moreover,it seems this film is banned in 66 countries an only one DVD of it was auctioned. So unable to control ma temptations.. I finally decided to download this movie but I thought this movie don’t have any seeds as no one would be downloadin..But a shocker there were nearly a 60 seeds were there so It got downloaded in 6 hours and watched it after I had ma dinner (Scared of the comments hmm!!) . The films duration was an hour and 50 minutes. The storyline is simple..During the Fascist period, Four officers, who were the abode of evil selects some 4 boys and 8 girls, for their pleasure (they were bisexual!!!). So in the town, they undergo the selection by strippin of all the girls and boys, and that came as a shocker to me as I hadn’t watched such a movie with utmost nudity and after their selection, they bring them to a town called Salo and put them in a cellar and also gives them instructions that whenever they need them they must be available..and the 120 days of Sodom were divided into 3 circles as Circle of mania (40 days of sexual drive), Circle of Shit (the most disgusting part as the teenagers were made to eat their shit and serve theirs to the officers), and Circle of Blood, which involves the physical assault by the officers by burning the teenagers parts with the candles..So as u read this , you will think Oh whats this!!!Is he a nut to watch all these movies!!Its not like that, do anyone know these events really happened in the Fascist Italy and even worser than this..even take the instance of Holocaust, everyone knows only about mass extermination of jews, but have the people took pain to study abt it, there were even worse scenario like removal of parts while the victim is alive etc..But I don’t wanna talk about it and comin to the film this film I I suppose was directed by Passollini and this film speaks for itself..From the cinema point of view it had all the contents..say a dim lighting to expose a cellar, a haunting background score that makes the film run deep into ur minds..Though some of them say the movie is for few hours of entertainment we can learn a lot from this cinema not only technical but political info, social, aesthetics etc..So if ur gonna watch this movie u should be above 18 and I deleted this movie after watchin it cos ma mom, if she happens to see this movie, that’s it she start complaining to ma dad that he started watchin porn without knowin the content of it..So this flick is worth watchin..By fingers are paining as am typin this in the closely spaced keypad of Lenovo, so the next film’s review will be in the next post…Chao

Today was a gr8 day with nearly four hours of power nap (inspired from 3 idiots) and I did nothing but wasted time in writin the assignments.. including watched a couple of movies which was worth watchin and they were The Hurt locker (this year’s oscar nominee for the best picture) and The usual suspects. Both the movies were close to ma heart but then the latter wins the race..Though the Hurt locker showcases about the toil of American soldiers in Iraq in a great manner, it loses the plot in couple of occasions and emphasizes more on the bomb disposals most of the time (which could have been shot better!!).Ill suggest this films who like any kind of war movies or military related movies but I cant advice this for the one like me who likes “Saving private Ryan”. But its ma perspective about this film. About the second film, what can I say!! Such a great movie with the main suspect trying to cover his identity and make the police officer believe his innocence( Though sometimes tries to reveal, but that’s the part of the logic of Film!!!). Usual suspects can be greatly compared with that of Al-Pacino – Robert de neiro’s Righteous Kill (sorry for the mis-spelt words of the caste) but here it involves a gang of members whereas in Righteous Kill it involved only two cops…The usual suspects deserves to get a place in IMDB top 250 (though some doesn’t have!! That ill discuss in the upcoming posts)..By the way those of you who intend to see ma posts, by the reputation of ma college I got placed in Vedanta resources (not because of the student’s so called talent). I thought of telling this in ma first post as I got placed a couple of months back.. Still I am thinking how they selected me..because upto interview there wasn’t any hiccups but in the interview as everyone experienced a trigger of technical questions, by god’s grace (at times believe him as im selfish at times) or by ma cricket’s craze, they asked questions regardin cricket only like what is googly, doosra, silly point, king’s pair.. I thought they got their count of students and this interview was just an eyewash..But when they read ma name for the distribution of the offer letters, I was at cloud nine.. I don’t know what to name the posts (inspired from Chinmayi’s What to name it!!) everytime I post on a blog, cos I deviate from any of the particular topic that has been specified on the post cos im a novice in this field of blogging, so in the future posts ill try to rectify the mistake..Yesterday ma class mate saw me blogging in the computer center and he asked me a critical question, “Venky, eppadi da machan blogging pannanum???” I cant say to him that im a rookie in this business, so I gave half an hour lecture in blogging with some not true facts (That’s how I call a lie or in local words ‘buildup’ or ‘bit’. Some can really think “Is venky that much vetti in the hostel??”. The answer for this question is NO!! cos am spendin ma time watchin an average of three movies a day..This post is jus a small review of its kind about two good flicks..But most of them(including me) will definitely check the movies in IMDB before takin any sort of risks. In the next post ill discuss about the two of the gruesome movies the world had ever seen, and surely some of you people would raise ur brows on ma review.. But that’s ma bloody perspective and of course attitude.. See you then..Have a happy weekend…Chao!!!

About me!!!!

Its been a tiring day at the college..but these tiredness last only for about 24 odd working days.. Writing apology letters, flattering conversation with the faculties, spoilt mess food etc..including these things ill tell all ma coll experiences in ma posts in the near future. I was born in Chennai( to be exact at Ranga Nursing Home) on 5-9-89…Though the year of ma birth was the year, the world witnessed a lot of great events like fall of Berlin wall, coldwar etc the world didnt realise its the year of a genius upcoming..yup thats me..and 21 eventful years were gone.. I jus remember jus 1-2 % of ma childhood but then it was good to remember those olden Days. I also thought about writing an article for ma college magazine ‘Shrishti’ regardin ma nostalgic childhood, but then i am fit to scribble some crap only in these kind of posts but not in the coll magazines and due to some unshareable reasons.. I did my schooling from kindergarden to Twelvth grade at Sri Venugopal Vidyalaya (so called SVV) which was the landmark for any people in mandaiveli (not because of the school’s reputation but because of the railway station opposite to it and the Ganesh Academy coaching center). So ill tell about learnin experiences in ma school in the forthcomin posts..Till then Dosvidanniya!!!