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Vinasakalam Vibharidha budhi (Bad time will make you take bad decisions). Dont know how this proverb actually suits this post. But then, everytime when i start a post, i brood about things like its been a long time ive posted, its been a tough day, blah, blah. But today, the scenario is much different. At 5:00 pm in the evening, in the restroom of Inox, I planned to write a post on film named ‘Aaranya Kandam’ (the restroom thought was during film’s interval!!)..Yeah that’s right.The much awaited movie of the year among the art house guys and offbeat circle created much hype before it was stated to the public release after its accolades in the International film festival and also the censor controversy (52 cuts in the movie for sexuality, gory and violence reduced to 8 cuts). Though it was released two weeks back, I couldn’t see that one because im inaccessible to these pleasures now and then!! So the day arrive today. Without further ado, lets get back to the movie. Aaranya kandam – Pulp fiction of tamil cinema as many of em fondly calls it, had a lot of interesting, eccentric, dizzy, seducing, gory, mindblowing moments..Let me share those moments with all. Amidst all the hype and chaos among people, the film succeeds in every aspect. The protagonists of the film are Jackie Shroff (Singham perumal), Ravikrishna (Chapa), Sampath (Pasupathy), Yashmin ponappa(Subbu), Somasundaram (Kaalayan), Master Vasanth (Kodukapuli). Film’s opening scene starts with a shot of a room that reflects the rooms of the don in the retro period. Jackie shroff ‘s age and impotency takes the limelight in the scene. The lighting in the film is awesome and the tones corresponds to the right situation at right time. I may not be describing as a critic who dissects the film frame by frame and blatantly put his ideologies on the film, but atleast give some details about the effort of Thiagaraja Kumararaja’s team. The plot of the film is simple yet complicated. A cocaine package goes trough several hands and the lives of the people involved with this gets intersected and gives a lot of twists in this realistic tale. Be it the Jackie’s role of a veteran dada, ravi’s kiddish yet powerful role as a helper for Jackie, Sampath’s role as a friend turned foe with Jackie and Rambo rajkumar’s gang, there is a feel of realism, subtle and freshness throughout!! Some of the highlights of the film are the Background score, violence, climax, narration and screenplay. Some of the dialogues are so powerful, with a tinge of sense of humour, crudeness..Another thing I liked abt the film is the usage of some of the forgotten words of tamil cinema like ‘Makku’, ‘Sanian’..along with this the censor board though gave an ‘A’ rating gave complete freedom in uttering foul language like..(You can fill them all, all are there!). The major letdown or should I say a darkspot in this tale is Yashmin ponappa..She delivers dialogue like an NRI who returns to north Chennai but then, the director does some justice to her character in the climax and didn’t typecast her as a showcase doll in war between the guys. The next aspect that impresses me the most was the location and the feel with which they were shot..As it was shot mostly in Thiruvattriyur, crowded streets, deserted industries, haunted houses, mills and much more add to the sheen of the film. The scene where one of the guys of Jackie’s gang explains others regarding the pick-up of aunties is ethartham (natural). Some of the scenes will make yu like ‘Awe, why don’t we have a oncemore scene of it’..Most parts of the film was like that for me..The cockfight is pretty real (unlike Aadukalam usage of CG) and the scene resembles dogfight in Amorres perros. From the start of the post, onething that reminds me add more on this post is the BGM. Yuvan, hats off man!! Different music for different situation(Clapping track definitely gets a special mention)!!There is a scene in which pasupathy encounters with another gang in a mill. A musical piece is played when they both encounter. Suddenly when pasupathy breaks his own knuckles in the head, score abruptly stops. Then to counter-act him, gajapathy does the same kind of buildup where the score again continues. Chase sequence scores gave me goosebumps. Kaalayan and kodukapulli deserves a round of applause for showing a greater yet subtle Father-son relationship. In the film throughout Kodukapulli scolds his father, but in one scene, pasupathy asks him “Onnaku appana rumba pudikuma??” (Do yu like ur father very much?) For this he replies “Athellam onnum illa aana athu en appa” (Nothing like that, hey but anyway he is my dad) How beautiful!!Every people in the crowd applauded like hell!! There is another scene where a bully speaks to a dead person as “Nee mattum uyiroda irunthurindha, onaiya ingaiya Kola panirupen” (If you had been alive, I would’ve definitely killed yu) The slow frame scenes or should I say ‘Time warp’ scene, usage of snorricam are some of the cinematic influences. On the whole, I liked it pretty much than many other people in the crowd and this is not the film for all the people in the crowd. The one who liked it would find it awe-stuck, and one who didn’t like this would find it rather interesting..In everyway, on a scale of 10, I would give 9.5. If it would have been released a year later, it would sweep most of national awards..Anyways a film-maker creates a master-piece called a film not for awards but its yet another feather for the hat of film as an art!! (PS: Guys who read this post, don’t download the movie, watch it in the theatre!!) That’s it for now.Chao


On seeing the name of the post, many of them would be rather curious on what the post is about..Its about my two day travelogue to the city of joy a.k.a ‘Kolkata’.This trip happened jus a week back and this trip rather kindled me to write a post on it and also to share the ecstatic moments in the Land of lefties (not
literally the hand usage, but for other obvious reasons like politics and cinema)!
18th march 2011..Friday evening..I, along with six of my friends were desperate for catching the train from Sambalpur..So we caught an auto, from our city, yup that’s right from jharsuguda and we thought we could make it earlier there and dine..But the auto-driver had different plans..The auto reached the station at 7:30, 15 mins short of the train departure..We purchased a hell a lot of junk from whatever possible means
we can from the station and there started our expedition..For me personally, there was a huge amount of fear in boarding the train for many reasons like the trains going to howrah would run late because of naxals and a possibility of a derailment (instance of Samarsatha express)..With the stomach full of butterflies and some junk food, we went to sleep after two hours of gossip..
Then the morning sunshine came and we came to know that the train was on time and we reached howrah by 7:30 am..So far so good..The train was stopped in the platform no:26..I cant imagine of this much platforms anywhere except CST-Mumbai..Then came the fresh air, Vikram setu bridge, yellow cabs and lots of nice things for our eyes as we stepped out of the station..We came to know that Howrah is different and Kolkata is different..We took a stroll on the roads filled with as usual beggars, common men and a lot of foreigners who were hoping to get a glimpse about the bongo’s (or the bengalis for that matter) culture, and write a memoir on it and become famous..
Then we had a dilemma of having breakfast in which restaurant..there were a lot of options,
but we finally moved into a restaurant named Sitaram’s restaurant..Wow the dosas and chole bathura were amazing..And we had a great finishing touch for the breakfast by consuming desserts like cham cham, gulab jamun(oh sorry!!Its golob jamon there!!), rosogolla, kheer khadam..Wow im salivating now while typing!!
We were then approached by a taxi-driver for going around the city..He was as good as the greatest sales representative in making us agree to travel with him..We didnt knew that it would turn out to be the great bengali scam!!!To our dismay, we went to kolkata on the day of holi..So all the tourist spots were bound to get closed..But we were optimistic of seeing atleast five to six places in the day..But we were pretty successful in enroute to Kali mandir and Victoria Memorial but to our dismay all the other public spots were closed!!The driver took the chance of it and asked us to settle the full money..Without visiting anything, we lost a fortune to him which was a gr8 incentive for him on holi..
After this disaster, we didnt giveup.We took a bus to esplanade and booked a room, then all the things fell into places..After a couple of hours of rest, we explored the retro style streets of esplanade and we did a lot of shopping, ate a lot of street foods, gave flirty looks to the bengali girls (but in vain!!),boarded the metro rail, did window shopping in the forum mall, ate a lot of chocolates, candies, pizzas, biriyanis, donuts…Took a while for us to digest!!!
The second day kicked of with the breakfast at Madras Tiffin house, an eatery of historical significance and then we went to a sweet shop named K.C.Das..The unbelievable thing abt the shop was that, the owner’s grandfather was the founder of we were piqued abt it and ate till our belly gave a red signal!!Then the most anxious moment came as we traveled in the tram and that too we didn’t buy a ticket!!

Then we decided to go to the world’s second largest cricket stadium, the Eden gardens..Though it wasn’t an important match (would yu was Kenya vs Zimbabwe)..We bought the black ticket (as usual), but the joy of seeing the worlcup match that too in Eden garden was priceless..After seeing the first innings, we boarded the bus to Science city and enjoyed a lot for three hours with our brains at work (for the first time i suppose)..

After that we went to the chinatown, the only chinatown in the nation
But we found it pretty boring, so we took a cab to park street, the shopping hub of Kolkata..
Till the entry of park street, we had a different perspective of demography of kolkata as pretty conventional, heritage loving. But park street projected it totally different and made us understand that Kolkata is a metro..Then we had our piece of snacks in global food players like KFC, McD and not to forget the frankies in the road side..

After munching, we went to music world..I went to the shop, on a single notion..Buying DVDs of Satyajit ray movies..And mission got accomplished..Then to fulfill our hunger for books we entered oxford bookstore
made a hefty shopping and returned back to Howrah to catch the train..Overall it was a memorable trip to the land of art-commies..Learnt a lot about the people’s lifestyle, city’s urban life and most of allcherished the heritage of it to the fullest extent..Kolkata, a paradise for the photographers, communists and cinema buffs..
Disclaimer: Above post may contain a lot of grammatical errors, cos this post was drafted when i was a bear with it!!As usual suggestions and thoopals (def:a sign of disgrace) welcome!!!

Ravanan, this was the first tamil film I saw in theaters after 8 really piqued about it before goin to the theater..about the movie..its a bilingual one directed by Maniratnam, one of the highly acclaimed directors in India for ages past..but I suppose this is not at all his one of best creations..but was somewhat good..thats because I saw it in Inox with great effect and sound mixing…but I expected more..nothing was there…the only good aspects of the film were the BGM, cinematography (courtesy:Santhosh sivan) and nice landscape..but the film would have even been nice if it had not copied the age old epic Ramayana..Maybe mani would have thought people didn’t see the abridged version of the epic..there are many known and unknown instances of relation between ravanan and Ramayana..Most of the people didn’t have noticed..but while seeing the film itself myself and vinoth were speculating all its relation with the epic..Some of them I share with you now..Vikram is being portrayed as Ravanan and he showcases ten different attitudes of him which is a relation of ten heads of ravanan..and even worse, ten people speak about him to the cop Prithviraj, who is being portrayed as Rama in the film trying to rescue his lady, aishwarya rai, portrayed as sita and she was damn great with her looks and shape but not much to prove her acting as vikram steals the whole film as the film is mainly about him..First prithviraj explores the forest where vikram would have kept aish and sought help from Karthik, a forest ranger..this is another rather hilarious depiction of hanuman..I have a doubt..what the director had in his mind..that people are dumb that they don’t know the histories..or he shouldn’t have tell in the promo that it’s not Ramayana but from panchantantra( Thank god!!!not any more story within a story) and bits and pieces of Mahabarata..Karthik is jumping here and there and also wears his Monkey gulla(What we call here for muffler) and tryin to prove that he is not an ape!!!!Then another crazy thing is that at first, prithvi tells to his subordinates that vikram is hiding in the forests of tirunelveli..but the location is fully north India (Places like jhansi)…Then the another instance is that the brother of vikram is Prabhu, who is very fat and suits really to the character of Kumbakaran..may be that’s why he could have slept in the later part of the film..LOL..Prabhu’s wife is Ranjitha, as every one knew her not because of this film but rather “contemperory short films” (One who didn’t understand this line, google ranjitha videos)..Vikram’s younger brother is being depicted as Vibishana upto some time as he asks vikram to negotiate with prithvi (Another instance is that he is a learned one and studied 12 std) and he dies in the first half, being shot by there is a twist in the tale of Ramayana..oh sorry ravanan..May be his brother should have chanted ‘DEV,DEV’ for his survival..then the movie goes by vikram fallin in love with aishwarya rai..and again he doesn’t touch her jus like ravanan not touched sita..Then aish asks why vikram is doin like that..then tortoise coil of flashback..his sister named venila(priyamani) be deceived as surpanaka, ravanan’s sister..May be priya will get a national award for supporting, because her previous film fetched her award because of the intense gang-rape scene in the climax of ‘parutheeviran’ and same scene happens here..but not shown..another greatest instance is the cop holdin priya’s nose during her wedding..i expected a nose-cut for her..but was not meant to be..Her wedding stops and she commits suicide for the embarrassment… then aish was not convinced that his husband wouldn’t have shot him without any reason..then she prays to god, a big idol of Vishnu (where such a big idol amidst dense forest??)and why Vishnu, because to give a lead to dialogues..she boast about her husband that he is a re-incarnate (everyone in the theater would have known this fact by now) and he is a god..Finally the encounter takes place between Prithvi and vikram…and it takes place in the bridge (Oh c’mon is it this pamban bridge instance??and karthik says he knew abt this location.) and before this encounter..i forgot to tell this instance you guys wouldn’t have noticed..when prithvi gives a envelope kind of thing to karthik and asks karthik to find the location of aish..there he see her from a branch of tree and gives her that envelope..not a kanayali(the ring which was given by hanuman to sita). And after that he comes to prithvi and says “Pathuten, pathuten avangala” (Ive seen her) jus like hanuman told to rama as’Kandaen sitaiyai’ the same meaning as the former sentence..then after a lot of commotion the encounter between ram and ravanan ends..then also the same instance of prithvi suspecting aish as she was with vikram for 14 days(same duration as in Ramayana) and thank god she was not picked up by boomadhevi (god of underworld) and then prithvi employs rather a heinous plot to capture vikram and the movie ends..may be this review can be a spoiler but the movie itself a spoil never mind in reviewing it and moreover its been ten days since the film released..even the pirated version of it is available in the net..If youre lazy enough to go for theaters and downloading it jus think a while and you can also have this review as a word of caution that “There are many other good films available on the don’t waste the bandwidth for this rather beautifully crafted mediocre flick” Bye!!!

Hi everyone in the world, itz been rather a boring and a lousy one month for me in ma here is another post to keep me still hooked up with the blogging..a lot of things to share..from ma daily routine of walking every morning or ma daily chores in the house (not really)..These two months after ma graduation, ive not studied any subject books really..but studied a gr8 deal about people in the fact im jus qualified to become a profiler in CIA (rather I go for KGB) the way, speaking of things, my place of posting has been confirmed as Orissa, and a place called jharsuguda (still dont know the correct spelling) but the date of getting the call letter is still unsure..For these two months, I enjoyed a lot by pampering my sis daughter (Hey!!!who’s there speakin about baby sitting???) and she got really attached to me..and at the same time I can tell she would have been the first two month old baby to watch all the matches in the world t20 cricket tournament…by sittin in ma lap..and the most hilarious thing was that she was weeping whenever she saw the trailer of the movie ‘SURA’(Shark) I introduced her to the new world of Hollywood movies..speakin of movies itz been since a while I discussed about movies..thats right for sometime I was fed up with the movies..but it was jus until yesterday… I started watchin movies at a stretch for 14 hours..will discuss all the movies with you guys..last week ma friend vinoth came to ma house when no one was there in ma house as they went to ma sister’s in-laws spent time with him after a long time.. he came with his not so worth to be called a laptop (Tamilnadu govt’s) and I transferred a lot of movies from him, with a special mention of the sitcom FRIENDS..he jus gave a word of caution as it was mokka (in the sense a boring one)..
So I asked him to give jus 4 seasons..but now I regret it for not getting all the 10 seasons..Its actually a good one..and I jus feel why didn’t I watched it when was in ma childhood though I couldn’t have understood even a little bit cos of their famous conversations about date, attraction, love (the other sense)..but it’s a hilarious one..jus now gonna complete first season..Speaking of Vinoth’s visit, the main purpose was to watch the Film ‘Ravanan’ at the INOX in the Chennai citi center and we ate meals at sangeetha which was a greater worth for ur money..and then had random sight seeing over the chicks..(though the sad part was that they weren’t single)..and finally we happened to watch that movie..will review it in the next post..and after that we went to beach and had a gr8 time!!!So this post goin a lot without an will see u in the next post!!!Bye for now!!

Hey guys, after a string of three to four posts last week, now only I got the interest to write a post in ma blog..For the past one week, many stupid things were goin in ma mind, not to mention any of them, but thank god, I got the no dues form signed from ma faculty. By the way, I am goin to ma college again on 29th May, to get the degree..Sounds good for me..Alas, a chemical engineer will emerge from Mylapore. Thought of goin for movies but I don’t know which one is worth watchin, in most of the theaters, there is at least one show of SURA, starring Vijay, who is also known as ‘Balakumaran of Kollywood’ (Ill tell more about these two actors in ma future posts)..Then, I’ve joined twitter, and my profile name is venky1134 (Thought of putting stupendous stupid but then…). So if any of ma frnds happens to see ma posts do join with me and start tweeting..As of now, ive completed five classes of driving, learnt hindi upto some extent (Mujhe hindi thoda thoda malum hai)..Learnin Russian a little bit in ‘free time’ (Oh come again!!!)..Laila, the cyclone which rattled on Wednesday finally went out of our sight, but atleast it made my body cool and I slept a little more durin the daytime..Last Sunday, I attended a wedding reception with ma dad, to a Marriage hall, which is by far a magnificent, and a royal one in Chennai, and it is in MRC nagar,.This is the place where the marriages of Muttiah Muralidharan, and Tamil actors Surya and jothika..But I went to the hall with sole notion, to have a great dinner and also to view some girls..But it was good, though some of them looked plain, most of them looked cute in their half-sarees, and salwars..When I walk in the road durin ma jogging in the evenings, I think about a lot and tell to myself ive to write these things in the blog, but when I sit in the system, I cant think of anything..So may be ive to write things that comes in ma mind…Last week when I was sittin in front of ma system I started reading R.K.Narayan’s classical masterpiece ‘Swami and his friends’ so I thought I could write review on it..Such a good book to read and you will go back to ur childhood days and the days we spent during our vacation and our memories in the classroom with our friends..Swami, being a small and an average student faces several problems like getting scolding from the teachers, not allowed to play cricket during holidays and struggling with maths..All these qualities I experienced in ma childhood days and I enjoyed it a lot and moreover it consists of some 84 pages and so I finished it in a day..So if u got this book do have a read and also watch the television series of it ‘Malgudi days’..Ill write about Malgudi days after I am able to watch all the 39 episodes..So that’s it for now Bye..

Most of them on seeing the name of this magazine would get puzzled and say that whether these kind of magazines exist in our country..Even I had this feeling on seeing it in ma friend’s room six months back…But on reading this magazine I can’t think about comparing it with other biz magazines like business world, business today, money etc..Such a great magazine..The main reason I like this magazine is their discussion and analysis on different brands whether it may be local or international and brings the art of advertising to a new height..The magazine involves several sections like rating tv commercials and bring in the advertising agencies to the limelight..By reading this magazine only, I come to know about agencies like Ogilvy and Mather, Nirvana films etc..Another section named number speak and people speak involves pretty interesting facts and statistics about the lifestyle of our People..This edition involves a special article by Rajita chaudri on failure of IPL..Each edition surely involves the interview with at least three to four CEOs who are considered as the future of the country and even the corporates share their biz plans in the magazine..It also gives a little info about job opportunities (usual trend followed by most of the magazines!!!)..But the most annoying or I can say it as the page filling feature of this magazine is their advertisement about their college IIPM..Most of them would have now guessed whose this book is!!Yes, Arindham Chaudri’s one of the magazine is this..So there will be an allocation of atleast four to five pages for their slogan ”Dare to think beyond IIMs”!!! including the centre page..The book looks glossy and it comes every fortnight and it costs 20 rupees and it’s a worth fish to buy for gaining intense knowledge on advertising, business, and quizzers can use it for their reference on different brands and cinema (it’s heartening they concentrate even on this topic!!) and last but not least you would develop an ability to think that IIPM don’t deserve such an advertisement!!!!

As I stated about the discussion of Indian films in ma previous posts, I thought why not I could write some of the actresses in this industry and then one actress suddenly stroke ma mind last night..That was none other than Konkana sen Sharma..I can even call her as the successor of Shabana Azmi..Such a great actress she is..Hmm ive watched only three of her movies..but was impressed a lot by her acting..Im eager to watch her national award winning film ‘Mr and Mrs Iyer’..May be ill try to download it in a couple of weeks.About her acting in ‘Omkara’, though the film involves a huge sum of celebs like kareena, saif, vivek etc..she made a great impact in the film and won many accolades for her supporting role..Regarding this film Omkara, though it has the same story of Shakespere’s tragic play ‘Othello’ (the name of the film also resembles its old one!!!), but the screen play is impeccable..Most of ma North Indian friends didn’t like this film cos of its excessive use of abusive language and a dark film (indeed!!!) But it was worth watching..May be ill give its review sometime later..Then coming to her next film that I had watched is ‘Life in a metro”…She comes as the sister of Shilpa Shetty..But in this film also she made the maximum of it and acted very well.About her next film ‘Wake up Sid’ she was portrayed as an independent journalist for a magazine ‘Mumbai Beat’ (The name of the magazine is OK but the film got into controversy for its use of Bombay instead of Mumbai)..As many of our Indian films don’t offer major roles to women, Konkana breaks the shackles and has occupied a major position in this Indian film industry, and I forgot to mention her many Bengali films..Apart from Konkana sen sharma, some of the best actresses that I like is Nandita Das, Tabu etc (many are there but I can remember only some!! So no hard feelings if ur glam celeb was not listed) ..Who appears in the screen and becomes a centre of attraction by their sensible acting. With respect to tamil films there are handpick and some of the actresses showcased their acting skills in particular films (maybe because of the director or fear of losing the place in the industry!!!) like Revathi in Mouna ragam, Sujatha in Aval oru Thodarkathai, Suhasini in Sindhu Bhairavi, Sridevi in Moonram pirai etc..Not to forget that these movies were directed by the directors like Mani Ratnam, Balachander, Balu Mahendra etc who gives strong roles to the women in their story line…Hmm I am thinking about a lot of Heroines who act in the films, but this picture of glamour quotient by the actresses always comes in the mind..Most of the North Indian girls when they make their debut in the South Indian Films, they have a pre-conceived notion that showin everything (that is wearin Skimpy clothes) for a “noble” cause of duets will make them climb up the ladder, but they fail to survive in the industry (though there are some exceptions like Nayanthara and Charmi in Telugu)..So its high time these stupid , insensible so-called actresses must realize about the task ahead of them which is nothing but acting and if they do it rightly even their glamour scenes can be forgiven..

Hello friends…Its been a month since ive posted any blog as i was busy with ma final year examinations and project….Finally alls well that ends four years of engineering got completed last Friday with an emphatic fashion..Jus lookin back at ma four years im flummoxed
That how come the time had travelled so fast…But I had to accept the fact that ma college taught me something to cheer up to become a professional..Ok lets come to the point there is no such hoopla about ma course completion cos the results are not yet arrived..So let me keep ma fingers crossed that ill complete it without any hiccups…From now onwards, ive a plan of writing (not really but scribbling!!) at least 3 posts per day..In this phase of time, in addition to ma same old stuff of movie reviews, im gonna discuss about several aspects of life…From a vegetable vendor near ur house to the ipl millionaires who had kept ‘Benami’ holdings…With respect to the word ‘benami’, still I don’t know the origin or etymology of this word…If anyone knows it please comment me..but its meaning is simple..a person who has the possession of another person’s belongings but not seen in the paper i.e fake belongings..By the way I don’t know how to spend this critical four to five months time as im waiting for the call letter from ma company..if anyone have an idea jus send me..Apart from ma daily routine of surf in the net and playing so me fantasy games, I am gonna try ma hands in four-wheeler driving, learning hindi, and try to become a fitness freak (not ‘Freak’ actually!!! But at least try to reduce junk food)..As most of ma older posts dealt with all foreign films, ma pals though they didn’t gave a shot to read ma post, but they always had a complain about me.As I watch a lot of foreign films in ma college life, I gave a damn to ma regional films..So most of them complained that I cant be able to criticize all the films but jus see the best foreign films and appreciate it…But they don’t know the fact that ive matched more tamil films than they had watched and I also have a list of my best picks of tamil flicks and in ma future posts ill give you the reviews of it..Most of them in the other parts of the world that tamil and other Indian films that is far better than many mediocre Hollywood films.. Speakin about Indian films, most of the people in the world in their minds think about illogical fight sequences, duet songs, mother sentiments etc..But some of the films in India reached greater heights and even some of the master-pieces failed to get recoginition..So let me dig the past and discuss about some films in my future posts..Till then Kudos!!!!

Hi guys,
Its been since a while i had posted ma blog cos of ma last days in the college…The next post will be on ma experience on it..Last eek, in spite of ma lab tests, project review preparation, i was fortunate enough to spare time to visit Goethe Zentrium, which screens foreign language films on the alternate weeks..and there I watched this movie “Shouf Shouf Habibi”..A feel good movie with full of humour and it was so nice from the start till the end but that was short lived..cos the duration of the movie is jus 80 minutes..The storyline is pretty simple and lucid..A morrocan family to earn their livelihood migrates to Holland (some will call it as Netherland or Simply Dutch). The family consists of a conservative mom and dad, three sons and a daughter, who face several difficulties in coping with the culture of Dutch..The screnplay of the movie is pretty moving by narrating the story in the form of quarters of moon as First, Half, Full, and the last one….The movie is universal which don’t requires a parental discretion (though some of the dialogues about J.LO are perverted ones)…If you get a chance to see this movie, do see it with ur family and the another best part about this film the scenic beauty of Holland..Those who mov to holland also can watch this as this movie truly depicts th culture of them…But the only regret i ha after leaving the hall was “Is there any movie that has come in Tamil cinema about the culture shock for the ‘family’ as whole” ( Naladamayanthi is about an individual i suppose!!!) Even if these kind of films are tried to release, some political entertainers like Ramdas and Krishnnasamy (with due respect sir!!!) will protect our so-called culture..So it will be a distant dream to release these kind of films in the state where many doesnt even know the true essence of cinema..Franklly speakin even i was a dumb-as till ma high school and got exposed to these films by some eminent well wishers around me in the coll..There may be some ‘e’ and ‘s’ being left in some words if i am right that’s because ma Department computer center has an obsolete system components..But i can say proudly that min is the oldest dept in the coll (Legacy kind of thing!!not really!!!)..So this film in other words i can say “PRACHTIG”!!!!!Kudos…

Hi guys, today i aint interested in typing a post as i dont have the mood to discuss on any of the issues whatsoever..But instead i had jus now created a collage (Which doesnt look like that as ive kept it in orderly form!!!) on the best movies ive watched till now..and the films ive watched several times..And mind you, ive started watchin english and other language movies only in ma second year of the coll and im now in the fourth year..But i would have watched some 300 odd movies (i had even took the list of it once in ma sem hols..That much vetti!!!) and still counting ..Til the last film ive watched today, Nuovo cinema paradiso..Ive taken into account of the best movies of this lot of 300..I know some of them dont have this taste of movies..But then these movies made me think a lot about movies, to become a passive member of Cinema club of Coimbatore, an active member of Film club in ma coll, and abilty to appreciate the makin of a film..The review of these 30 odd movies..I wish i will give u the review of all of these in this month itself..But then ma conscience would turn ma heads to studies in a weeks time (Though it gets sometimes distracted by IPL) as midsem arent far away and most importantly the project (ill write about a post on this one year Kuthu!!!) But i become permanently vetti for a months time for awaiting the call letter from Vedanta ill give u its reviews..But im over-exaggerating things..As most of the people would have watched these movies..By the way sorry for the loss of clarity cos im new to the world of can rather save the image and have a look onto it if u wish..The films in the collage are (from the top left)
The good, bad and the ugly, Curious case of Benjamin button, Blindside, Children of heaven, Pursuit of happiness, Troy, Up in the air, Schindlers list, Lives of others, Rashmon, Nuovo cinema paradiso, Hotel rwanda, Valkyrie, Departed, 3-iron, unfaithful, amelie, october sky, der untergang, run lola run, Life is beautiful, Shawshank redemption, Pulp fiction, City of gods, Brave heart, Terminal, Badaam ve oglum, Catch me if u can, Saving private ryan, Million dollar baby, Phone booth, A walk to remember..