Its been a tiring day at the college..but these tiredness last only for about 24 odd working days.. Writing apology letters, flattering conversation with the faculties, spoilt mess food etc..including these things ill tell all ma coll experiences in ma posts in the near future. I was born in Chennai( to be exact at Ranga Nursing Home) on 5-9-89…Though the year of ma birth was the year, the world witnessed a lot of great events like fall of Berlin wall, coldwar etc the world didnt realise its the year of a genius upcoming..yup thats me..and 21 eventful years were gone.. I jus remember jus 1-2 % of ma childhood but then it was good to remember those olden Days. I also thought about writing an article for ma college magazine ‘Shrishti’ regardin ma nostalgic childhood, but then i am fit to scribble some crap only in these kind of posts but not in the coll magazines and due to some unshareable reasons.. I did my schooling from kindergarden to Twelvth grade at Sri Venugopal Vidyalaya (so called SVV) which was the landmark for any people in mandaiveli (not because of the school’s reputation but because of the railway station opposite to it and the Ganesh Academy coaching center). So ill tell about learnin experiences in ma school in the forthcomin posts..Till then Dosvidanniya!!!