Vinasakalam Vibharidha budhi (Bad time will make you take bad decisions). Dont know how this proverb actually suits this post. But then, everytime when i start a post, i brood about things like its been a long time ive posted, its been a tough day, blah, blah. But today, the scenario is much different. At 5:00 pm in the evening, in the restroom of Inox, I planned to write a post on film named ‘Aaranya Kandam’ (the restroom thought was during film’s interval!!)..Yeah that’s right.The much awaited movie of the year among the art house guys and offbeat circle created much hype before it was stated to the public release after its accolades in the International film festival and also the censor controversy (52 cuts in the movie for sexuality, gory and violence reduced to 8 cuts). Though it was released two weeks back, I couldn’t see that one because im inaccessible to these pleasures now and then!! So the day arrive today. Without further ado, lets get back to the movie. Aaranya kandam – Pulp fiction of tamil cinema as many of em fondly calls it, had a lot of interesting, eccentric, dizzy, seducing, gory, mindblowing moments..Let me share those moments with all. Amidst all the hype and chaos among people, the film succeeds in every aspect. The protagonists of the film are Jackie Shroff (Singham perumal), Ravikrishna (Chapa), Sampath (Pasupathy), Yashmin ponappa(Subbu), Somasundaram (Kaalayan), Master Vasanth (Kodukapuli). Film’s opening scene starts with a shot of a room that reflects the rooms of the don in the retro period. Jackie shroff ‘s age and impotency takes the limelight in the scene. The lighting in the film is awesome and the tones corresponds to the right situation at right time. I may not be describing as a critic who dissects the film frame by frame and blatantly put his ideologies on the film, but atleast give some details about the effort of Thiagaraja Kumararaja’s team. The plot of the film is simple yet complicated. A cocaine package goes trough several hands and the lives of the people involved with this gets intersected and gives a lot of twists in this realistic tale. Be it the Jackie’s role of a veteran dada, ravi’s kiddish yet powerful role as a helper for Jackie, Sampath’s role as a friend turned foe with Jackie and Rambo rajkumar’s gang, there is a feel of realism, subtle and freshness throughout!! Some of the highlights of the film are the Background score, violence, climax, narration and screenplay. Some of the dialogues are so powerful, with a tinge of sense of humour, crudeness..Another thing I liked abt the film is the usage of some of the forgotten words of tamil cinema like ‘Makku’, ‘Sanian’..along with this the censor board though gave an ‘A’ rating gave complete freedom in uttering foul language like..(You can fill them all, all are there!). The major letdown or should I say a darkspot in this tale is Yashmin ponappa..She delivers dialogue like an NRI who returns to north Chennai but then, the director does some justice to her character in the climax and didn’t typecast her as a showcase doll in war between the guys. The next aspect that impresses me the most was the location and the feel with which they were shot..As it was shot mostly in Thiruvattriyur, crowded streets, deserted industries, haunted houses, mills and much more add to the sheen of the film. The scene where one of the guys of Jackie’s gang explains others regarding the pick-up of aunties is ethartham (natural). Some of the scenes will make yu like ‘Awe, why don’t we have a oncemore scene of it’..Most parts of the film was like that for me..The cockfight is pretty real (unlike Aadukalam usage of CG) and the scene resembles dogfight in Amorres perros. From the start of the post, onething that reminds me add more on this post is the BGM. Yuvan, hats off man!! Different music for different situation(Clapping track definitely gets a special mention)!!There is a scene in which pasupathy encounters with another gang in a mill. A musical piece is played when they both encounter. Suddenly when pasupathy breaks his own knuckles in the head, score abruptly stops. Then to counter-act him, gajapathy does the same kind of buildup where the score again continues. Chase sequence scores gave me goosebumps. Kaalayan and kodukapulli deserves a round of applause for showing a greater yet subtle Father-son relationship. In the film throughout Kodukapulli scolds his father, but in one scene, pasupathy asks him “Onnaku appana rumba pudikuma??” (Do yu like ur father very much?) For this he replies “Athellam onnum illa aana athu en appa” (Nothing like that, hey but anyway he is my dad) How beautiful!!Every people in the crowd applauded like hell!! There is another scene where a bully speaks to a dead person as “Nee mattum uyiroda irunthurindha, onaiya ingaiya Kola panirupen” (If you had been alive, I would’ve definitely killed yu) The slow frame scenes or should I say ‘Time warp’ scene, usage of snorricam are some of the cinematic influences. On the whole, I liked it pretty much than many other people in the crowd and this is not the film for all the people in the crowd. The one who liked it would find it awe-stuck, and one who didn’t like this would find it rather interesting..In everyway, on a scale of 10, I would give 9.5. If it would have been released a year later, it would sweep most of national awards..Anyways a film-maker creates a master-piece called a film not for awards but its yet another feather for the hat of film as an art!! (PS: Guys who read this post, don’t download the movie, watch it in the theatre!!) That’s it for now.Chao