On seeing the name of the post, many of them would be rather curious on what the post is about..Its about my two day travelogue to the city of joy a.k.a ‘Kolkata’.This trip happened jus a week back and this trip rather kindled me to write a post on it and also to share the ecstatic moments in the Land of lefties (not
literally the hand usage, but for other obvious reasons like politics and cinema)!
18th march 2011..Friday evening..I, along with six of my friends were desperate for catching the train from Sambalpur..So we caught an auto, from our city, yup that’s right from jharsuguda and we thought we could make it earlier there and dine..But the auto-driver had different plans..The auto reached the station at 7:30, 15 mins short of the train departure..We purchased a hell a lot of junk from whatever possible means
we can from the station and there started our expedition..For me personally, there was a huge amount of fear in boarding the train for many reasons like the trains going to howrah would run late because of naxals and a possibility of a derailment (instance of Samarsatha express)..With the stomach full of butterflies and some junk food, we went to sleep after two hours of gossip..
Then the morning sunshine came and we came to know that the train was on time and we reached howrah by 7:30 am..So far so good..The train was stopped in the platform no:26..I cant imagine of this much platforms anywhere except CST-Mumbai..Then came the fresh air, Vikram setu bridge, yellow cabs and lots of nice things for our eyes as we stepped out of the station..We came to know that Howrah is different and Kolkata is different..We took a stroll on the roads filled with as usual beggars, common men and a lot of foreigners who were hoping to get a glimpse about the bongo’s (or the bengalis for that matter) culture, and write a memoir on it and become famous..
Then we had a dilemma of having breakfast in which restaurant..there were a lot of options,
but we finally moved into a restaurant named Sitaram’s restaurant..Wow the dosas and chole bathura were amazing..And we had a great finishing touch for the breakfast by consuming desserts like cham cham, gulab jamun(oh sorry!!Its golob jamon there!!), rosogolla, kheer khadam..Wow im salivating now while typing!!
We were then approached by a taxi-driver for going around the city..He was as good as the greatest sales representative in making us agree to travel with him..We didnt knew that it would turn out to be the great bengali scam!!!To our dismay, we went to kolkata on the day of holi..So all the tourist spots were bound to get closed..But we were optimistic of seeing atleast five to six places in the day..But we were pretty successful in enroute to Kali mandir and Victoria Memorial but to our dismay all the other public spots were closed!!The driver took the chance of it and asked us to settle the full money..Without visiting anything, we lost a fortune to him which was a gr8 incentive for him on holi..
After this disaster, we didnt giveup.We took a bus to esplanade and booked a room, then all the things fell into places..After a couple of hours of rest, we explored the retro style streets of esplanade and we did a lot of shopping, ate a lot of street foods, gave flirty looks to the bengali girls (but in vain!!),boarded the metro rail, did window shopping in the forum mall, ate a lot of chocolates, candies, pizzas, biriyanis, donuts…Took a while for us to digest!!!
The second day kicked of with the breakfast at Madras Tiffin house, an eatery of historical significance and then we went to a sweet shop named K.C.Das..The unbelievable thing abt the shop was that, the owner’s grandfather was the founder of Rasagolla..so we were piqued abt it and ate till our belly gave a red signal!!Then the most anxious moment came as we traveled in the tram and that too we didn’t buy a ticket!!

Then we decided to go to the world’s second largest cricket stadium, the Eden gardens..Though it wasn’t an important match (would yu believe..it was Kenya vs Zimbabwe)..We bought the black ticket (as usual), but the joy of seeing the worlcup match that too in Eden garden was priceless..After seeing the first innings, we boarded the bus to Science city and enjoyed a lot for three hours with our brains at work (for the first time i suppose)..

After that we went to the chinatown, the only chinatown in the nation
But we found it pretty boring, so we took a cab to park street, the shopping hub of Kolkata..
Till the entry of park street, we had a different perspective of demography of kolkata as pretty conventional, heritage loving. But park street projected it totally different and made us understand that Kolkata is a metro..Then we had our piece of snacks in global food players like KFC, McD and not to forget the frankies in the road side..

After munching, we went to music world..I went to the shop, on a single notion..Buying DVDs of Satyajit ray movies..And mission got accomplished..Then to fulfill our hunger for books we entered oxford bookstore
made a hefty shopping and returned back to Howrah to catch the train..Overall it was a memorable trip to the land of art-commies..Learnt a lot about the people’s lifestyle, city’s urban life and most of allcherished the heritage of it to the fullest extent..Kolkata, a paradise for the photographers, communists and cinema buffs..
Disclaimer: Above post may contain a lot of grammatical errors, cos this post was drafted when i was a night-owl..so bear with it!!As usual suggestions and thoopals (def:a sign of disgrace) welcome!!!