Hello guys! Its been a while since i posted a blog because of my new work in a new place so it took time to settle. Now im so idle without much of work. This blog carries a special mention as it is my first blog posted through my mobile and two days back i tried for posting another blog but as it was the first time for me to type in the mobile, i completely messed it up. Anyway life is a platform for continuous improvement. Ok lets get on to the topic. Doordarshan, the name says it all. In other words i could say i was blessed to live in the era of dd to watch some of their hallmark programmes like Mahabharata, malgudi days, green quiz, humlog, shaktimaan, surabhi and so on. If i turn my memory to my school days now, dd occupies most of the picture. Everyday, as soon as i return from my school, i would rush to my television and start watching the metro channel. Wow those were the days ! Many cartoon series like mummies alive, chip and dale, he man, alladin and so on that made my evenings memorable and lively. Whether the unbiased news or the public awareness campaigns, dd leads all the way and even now also they are sticking on to the same strategy although it showcase some crappy reality shows influenced by the cable channels. Even the advertisements were so sensible and decent and brands flourished the markets like lifebuoy, surf, vicco, lux, nirma, Pepsi, coke, titan etc. Even though there were only two channels to juggle, i still remember the quarrels between me and my sister. The Sunday nights were made memorable by surabhi, an informative programme on our country but watching them i always felt sad cos the next day i had to go to school. I thought of tellin a lot about dd, but you know i ain’t a good writer and a thinker as well. So bear with me if id left some of the important programmes. May be i could post another blog regarding this topic until then take care and chao!