Ravanan, this was the first tamil film I saw in theaters after 8 months..got really piqued about it before goin to the theater..about the movie..its a bilingual one directed by Maniratnam, one of the highly acclaimed directors in India for ages past..but I suppose this is not at all his one of best creations..but was somewhat good..thats because I saw it in Inox with great effect and sound mixing…but I expected more..nothing was there…the only good aspects of the film were the BGM, cinematography (courtesy:Santhosh sivan) and nice landscape..but the film would have even been nice if it had not copied the age old epic Ramayana..Maybe mani would have thought people didn’t see the abridged version of the epic..there are many known and unknown instances of relation between ravanan and Ramayana..Most of the people didn’t have noticed..but while seeing the film itself myself and vinoth were speculating all its relation with the epic..Some of them I share with you now..Vikram is being portrayed as Ravanan and he showcases ten different attitudes of him which is a relation of ten heads of ravanan..and even worse, ten people speak about him to the cop Prithviraj, who is being portrayed as Rama in the film trying to rescue his lady, aishwarya rai, portrayed as sita and she was damn great with her looks and shape but not much to prove her acting as vikram steals the whole film as the film is mainly about him..First prithviraj explores the forest where vikram would have kept aish and sought help from Karthik, a forest ranger..this is another rather hilarious depiction of hanuman..I have a doubt..what the director had in his mind..that people are dumb that they don’t know the histories..or he shouldn’t have tell in the promo that it’s not Ramayana but from panchantantra( Thank god!!!not any more story within a story) and bits and pieces of Mahabarata..Karthik is jumping here and there and also wears his Monkey gulla(What we call here for muffler) and tryin to prove that he is not an ape!!!!Then another crazy thing is that at first, prithvi tells to his subordinates that vikram is hiding in the forests of tirunelveli..but the location is fully north India (Places like jhansi)…Then the another instance is that the brother of vikram is Prabhu, who is very fat and suits really to the character of Kumbakaran..may be that’s why he could have slept in the later part of the film..LOL..Prabhu’s wife is Ranjitha, as every one knew her not because of this film but rather “contemperory short films” (One who didn’t understand this line, google ranjitha videos)..Vikram’s younger brother is being depicted as Vibishana upto some time as he asks vikram to negotiate with prithvi (Another instance is that he is a learned one and studied 12 std) and he dies in the first half, being shot by prithvi..so there is a twist in the tale of Ramayana..oh sorry ravanan..May be his brother should have chanted ‘DEV,DEV’ for his survival..then the movie goes by vikram fallin in love with aishwarya rai..and again he doesn’t touch her jus like ravanan not touched sita..Then aish asks why vikram is doin like that..then tortoise coil of flashback..his sister named venila(priyamani)..to be deceived as surpanaka, ravanan’s sister..May be priya will get a national award for supporting, because her previous film fetched her award because of the intense gang-rape scene in the climax of ‘parutheeviran’ and same scene happens here..but not shown..another greatest instance is the cop holdin priya’s nose during her wedding..i expected a nose-cut for her..but was not meant to be..Her wedding stops and she commits suicide for the embarrassment… then aish was not convinced that his husband wouldn’t have shot him without any reason..then she prays to god, a big idol of Vishnu (where such a big idol amidst dense forest??)and why Vishnu, because to give a lead to dialogues..she boast about her husband that he is a re-incarnate (everyone in the theater would have known this fact by now) and he is a god..Finally the encounter takes place between Prithvi and vikram…and it takes place in the bridge (Oh c’mon is it this pamban bridge instance??and karthik says he knew abt this location.) and before this encounter..i forgot to tell this instance you guys wouldn’t have noticed..when prithvi gives a envelope kind of thing to karthik and asks karthik to find the location of aish..there he see her from a branch of tree and gives her that envelope..not a kanayali(the ring which was given by hanuman to sita). And after that he comes to prithvi and says “Pathuten, pathuten avangala” (Ive seen her) jus like hanuman told to rama as’Kandaen sitaiyai’ the same meaning as the former sentence..then after a lot of commotion the encounter between ram and ravanan ends..then also the same instance of prithvi suspecting aish as she was with vikram for 14 days(same duration as in Ramayana) and thank god she was not picked up by boomadhevi (god of underworld) and then prithvi employs rather a heinous plot to capture vikram and the movie ends..may be this review can be a spoiler but the movie itself a spoil sport..so never mind in reviewing it and moreover its been ten days since the film released..even the pirated version of it is available in the net..If youre lazy enough to go for theaters and downloading it jus think a while and you can also have this review as a word of caution that “There are many other good films available on the net..so don’t waste the bandwidth for this rather beautifully crafted mediocre flick” Bye!!!