Hi everyone in the world, itz been rather a boring and a lousy one month for me in ma house..so here is another post to keep me still hooked up with the blogging..a lot of things to share..from ma daily routine of walking every morning or ma daily chores in the house (not really)..These two months after ma graduation, ive not studied any subject books really..but studied a gr8 deal about people in the world..in fact im jus qualified to become a profiler in CIA (rather I go for KGB)..by the way, speaking of things, my place of posting has been confirmed as Orissa, and a place called jharsuguda (still dont know the correct spelling) but the date of getting the call letter is still unsure..For these two months, I enjoyed a lot by pampering my sis daughter (Hey!!!who’s there speakin about baby sitting???) and she got really attached to me..and at the same time I can tell she would have been the first two month old baby to watch all the matches in the world t20 cricket tournament…by sittin in ma lap..and the most hilarious thing was that she was weeping whenever she saw the trailer of the movie ‘SURA’(Shark)..so I introduced her to the new world of Hollywood movies..speakin of movies itz been since a while I discussed about movies..thats right for sometime I was fed up with the movies..but it was jus until yesterday… I started watchin movies at a stretch for 14 hours..will discuss all the movies with you guys..last week ma friend vinoth came to ma house when no one was there in ma house as they went to ma sister’s in-laws house..so spent time with him after a long time.. he came with his not so worth to be called a laptop (Tamilnadu govt’s) and I transferred a lot of movies from him, with a special mention of the sitcom FRIENDS..he jus gave a word of caution as it was mokka (in the sense a boring one)..
So I asked him to give jus 4 seasons..but now I regret it for not getting all the 10 seasons..Its actually a good one..and I jus feel why didn’t I watched it when was in ma childhood though I couldn’t have understood even a little bit cos of their famous conversations about date, attraction, love (the other sense)..but it’s a hilarious one..jus now gonna complete first season..Speaking of Vinoth’s visit, the main purpose was to watch the Film ‘Ravanan’ at the INOX in the Chennai citi center and we ate meals at sangeetha which was a greater worth for ur money..and then had random sight seeing over the chicks..(though the sad part was that they weren’t single)..and finally we happened to watch that movie..will review it in the next post..and after that we went to beach and had a gr8 time!!!So this post goin a lot without an end..so will see u in the next post!!!Bye for now!!