Hey guys, after a string of three to four posts last week, now only I got the interest to write a post in ma blog..For the past one week, many stupid things were goin in ma mind, not to mention any of them, but thank god, I got the no dues form signed from ma faculty. By the way, I am goin to ma college again on 29th May, to get the degree..Sounds good for me..Alas, a chemical engineer will emerge from Mylapore. Thought of goin for movies but I don’t know which one is worth watchin, in most of the theaters, there is at least one show of SURA, starring Vijay, who is also known as ‘Balakumaran of Kollywood’ (Ill tell more about these two actors in ma future posts)..Then, I’ve joined twitter, and my profile name is venky1134 (Thought of putting stupendous stupid but then…). So if any of ma frnds happens to see ma posts do join with me and start tweeting..As of now, ive completed five classes of driving, learnt hindi upto some extent (Mujhe hindi thoda thoda malum hai)..Learnin Russian a little bit in ‘free time’ (Oh come again!!!)..Laila, the cyclone which rattled on Wednesday finally went out of our sight, but atleast it made my body cool and I slept a little more durin the daytime..Last Sunday, I attended a wedding reception with ma dad, to a Marriage hall, which is by far a magnificent, and a royal one in Chennai, and it is in MRC nagar,.This is the place where the marriages of Muttiah Muralidharan, and Tamil actors Surya and jothika..But I went to the hall with sole notion, to have a great dinner and also to view some girls..But it was good, though some of them looked plain, most of them looked cute in their half-sarees, and salwars..When I walk in the road durin ma jogging in the evenings, I think about a lot and tell to myself ive to write these things in the blog, but when I sit in the system, I cant think of anything..So may be ive to write things that comes in ma mind…Last week when I was sittin in front of ma system I started reading R.K.Narayan’s classical masterpiece ‘Swami and his friends’ so I thought I could write review on it..Such a good book to read and you will go back to ur childhood days and the days we spent during our vacation and our memories in the classroom with our friends..Swami, being a small and an average student faces several problems like getting scolding from the teachers, not allowed to play cricket during holidays and struggling with maths..All these qualities I experienced in ma childhood days and I enjoyed it a lot and moreover it consists of some 84 pages and so I finished it in a day..So if u got this book do have a read and also watch the television series of it ‘Malgudi days’..Ill write about Malgudi days after I am able to watch all the 39 episodes..So that’s it for now Bye..