As I stated about the discussion of Indian films in ma previous posts, I thought why not I could write some of the actresses in this industry and then one actress suddenly stroke ma mind last night..That was none other than Konkana sen Sharma..I can even call her as the successor of Shabana Azmi..Such a great actress she is..Hmm ive watched only three of her movies..but was impressed a lot by her acting..Im eager to watch her national award winning film ‘Mr and Mrs Iyer’..May be ill try to download it in a couple of weeks.About her acting in ‘Omkara’, though the film involves a huge sum of celebs like kareena, saif, vivek etc..she made a great impact in the film and won many accolades for her supporting role..Regarding this film Omkara, though it has the same story of Shakespere’s tragic play ‘Othello’ (the name of the film also resembles its old one!!!), but the screen play is impeccable..Most of ma North Indian friends didn’t like this film cos of its excessive use of abusive language and a dark film (indeed!!!) But it was worth watching..May be ill give its review sometime later..Then coming to her next film that I had watched is ‘Life in a metro”…She comes as the sister of Shilpa Shetty..But in this film also she made the maximum of it and acted very well.About her next film ‘Wake up Sid’ she was portrayed as an independent journalist for a magazine ‘Mumbai Beat’ (The name of the magazine is OK but the film got into controversy for its use of Bombay instead of Mumbai)..As many of our Indian films don’t offer major roles to women, Konkana breaks the shackles and has occupied a major position in this Indian film industry, and I forgot to mention her many Bengali films..Apart from Konkana sen sharma, some of the best actresses that I like is Nandita Das, Tabu etc (many are there but I can remember only some!! So no hard feelings if ur glam celeb was not listed) ..Who appears in the screen and becomes a centre of attraction by their sensible acting. With respect to tamil films there are handpick and some of the actresses showcased their acting skills in particular films (maybe because of the director or fear of losing the place in the industry!!!) like Revathi in Mouna ragam, Sujatha in Aval oru Thodarkathai, Suhasini in Sindhu Bhairavi, Sridevi in Moonram pirai etc..Not to forget that these movies were directed by the directors like Mani Ratnam, Balachander, Balu Mahendra etc who gives strong roles to the women in their story line…Hmm I am thinking about a lot of Heroines who act in the films, but this picture of glamour quotient by the actresses always comes in the mind..Most of the North Indian girls when they make their debut in the South Indian Films, they have a pre-conceived notion that showin everything (that is wearin Skimpy clothes) for a “noble” cause of duets will make them climb up the ladder, but they fail to survive in the industry (though there are some exceptions like Nayanthara and Charmi in Telugu)..So its high time these stupid , insensible so-called actresses must realize about the task ahead of them which is nothing but acting and if they do it rightly even their glamour scenes can be forgiven..