Most of them on seeing the name of this magazine would get puzzled and say that whether these kind of magazines exist in our country..Even I had this feeling on seeing it in ma friend’s room six months back…But on reading this magazine I can’t think about comparing it with other biz magazines like business world, business today, money etc..Such a great magazine..The main reason I like this magazine is their discussion and analysis on different brands whether it may be local or international and brings the art of advertising to a new height..The magazine involves several sections like rating tv commercials and bring in the advertising agencies to the limelight..By reading this magazine only, I come to know about agencies like Ogilvy and Mather, Nirvana films etc..Another section named number speak and people speak involves pretty interesting facts and statistics about the lifestyle of our People..This edition involves a special article by Rajita chaudri on failure of IPL..Each edition surely involves the interview with at least three to four CEOs who are considered as the future of the country and even the corporates share their biz plans in the magazine..It also gives a little info about job opportunities (usual trend followed by most of the magazines!!!)..But the most annoying or I can say it as the page filling feature of this magazine is their advertisement about their college IIPM..Most of them would have now guessed whose this book is!!Yes, Arindham Chaudri’s one of the magazine is this..So there will be an allocation of atleast four to five pages for their slogan ”Dare to think beyond IIMs”!!! including the centre page..The book looks glossy and it comes every fortnight and it costs 20 rupees and it’s a worth fish to buy for gaining intense knowledge on advertising, business, and quizzers can use it for their reference on different brands and cinema (it’s heartening they concentrate even on this topic!!) and last but not least you would develop an ability to think that IIPM don’t deserve such an advertisement!!!!