Hello friends…Its been a month since ive posted any blog as i was busy with ma final year examinations and project….Finally alls well that ends well..ma four years of engineering got completed last Friday with an emphatic fashion..Jus lookin back at ma four years im flummoxed
That how come the time had travelled so fast…But I had to accept the fact that ma college taught me something to cheer up to become a professional..Ok lets come to the point there is no such hoopla about ma course completion cos the results are not yet arrived..So let me keep ma fingers crossed that ill complete it without any hiccups…From now onwards, ive a plan of writing (not really but scribbling!!) at least 3 posts per day..In this phase of time, in addition to ma same old stuff of movie reviews, im gonna discuss about several aspects of life…From a vegetable vendor near ur house to the ipl millionaires who had kept ‘Benami’ holdings…With respect to the word ‘benami’, still I don’t know the origin or etymology of this word…If anyone knows it please comment me..but its meaning is simple..a person who has the possession of another person’s belongings but not seen in the paper i.e fake belongings..By the way I don’t know how to spend this critical four to five months time as im waiting for the call letter from ma company..if anyone have an idea jus send me..Apart from ma daily routine of surf in the net and playing so me fantasy games, I am gonna try ma hands in four-wheeler driving, learning hindi, and try to become a fitness freak (not ‘Freak’ actually!!! But at least try to reduce junk food)..As most of ma older posts dealt with all foreign films, ma pals though they didn’t gave a shot to read ma post, but they always had a complain about me.As I watch a lot of foreign films in ma college life, I gave a damn to ma regional films..So most of them complained that I cant be able to criticize all the films but jus see the best foreign films and appreciate it…But they don’t know the fact that ive matched more tamil films than they had watched and I also have a list of my best picks of tamil flicks and in ma future posts ill give you the reviews of it..Most of them in the other parts of the world that tamil and other Indian films that is far better than many mediocre Hollywood films.. Speakin about Indian films, most of the people in the world in their minds think about illogical fight sequences, duet songs, mother sentiments etc..But some of the films in India reached greater heights and even some of the master-pieces failed to get recoginition..So let me dig the past and discuss about some films in my future posts..Till then Kudos!!!!