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Hey guys, after a string of three to four posts last week, now only I got the interest to write a post in ma blog..For the past one week, many stupid things were goin in ma mind, not to mention any of them, but thank god, I got the no dues form signed from ma faculty. By the way, I am goin to ma college again on 29th May, to get the degree..Sounds good for me..Alas, a chemical engineer will emerge from Mylapore. Thought of goin for movies but I don’t know which one is worth watchin, in most of the theaters, there is at least one show of SURA, starring Vijay, who is also known as ‘Balakumaran of Kollywood’ (Ill tell more about these two actors in ma future posts)..Then, I’ve joined twitter, and my profile name is venky1134 (Thought of putting stupendous stupid but then…). So if any of ma frnds happens to see ma posts do join with me and start tweeting..As of now, ive completed five classes of driving, learnt hindi upto some extent (Mujhe hindi thoda thoda malum hai)..Learnin Russian a little bit in ‘free time’ (Oh come again!!!)..Laila, the cyclone which rattled on Wednesday finally went out of our sight, but atleast it made my body cool and I slept a little more durin the daytime..Last Sunday, I attended a wedding reception with ma dad, to a Marriage hall, which is by far a magnificent, and a royal one in Chennai, and it is in MRC nagar,.This is the place where the marriages of Muttiah Muralidharan, and Tamil actors Surya and jothika..But I went to the hall with sole notion, to have a great dinner and also to view some girls..But it was good, though some of them looked plain, most of them looked cute in their half-sarees, and salwars..When I walk in the road durin ma jogging in the evenings, I think about a lot and tell to myself ive to write these things in the blog, but when I sit in the system, I cant think of anything..So may be ive to write things that comes in ma mind…Last week when I was sittin in front of ma system I started reading R.K.Narayan’s classical masterpiece ‘Swami and his friends’ so I thought I could write review on it..Such a good book to read and you will go back to ur childhood days and the days we spent during our vacation and our memories in the classroom with our friends..Swami, being a small and an average student faces several problems like getting scolding from the teachers, not allowed to play cricket during holidays and struggling with maths..All these qualities I experienced in ma childhood days and I enjoyed it a lot and moreover it consists of some 84 pages and so I finished it in a day..So if u got this book do have a read and also watch the television series of it ‘Malgudi days’..Ill write about Malgudi days after I am able to watch all the 39 episodes..So that’s it for now Bye..


Most of them on seeing the name of this magazine would get puzzled and say that whether these kind of magazines exist in our country..Even I had this feeling on seeing it in ma friend’s room six months back…But on reading this magazine I can’t think about comparing it with other biz magazines like business world, business today, money etc..Such a great magazine..The main reason I like this magazine is their discussion and analysis on different brands whether it may be local or international and brings the art of advertising to a new height..The magazine involves several sections like rating tv commercials and bring in the advertising agencies to the limelight..By reading this magazine only, I come to know about agencies like Ogilvy and Mather, Nirvana films etc..Another section named number speak and people speak involves pretty interesting facts and statistics about the lifestyle of our People..This edition involves a special article by Rajita chaudri on failure of IPL..Each edition surely involves the interview with at least three to four CEOs who are considered as the future of the country and even the corporates share their biz plans in the magazine..It also gives a little info about job opportunities (usual trend followed by most of the magazines!!!)..But the most annoying or I can say it as the page filling feature of this magazine is their advertisement about their college IIPM..Most of them would have now guessed whose this book is!!Yes, Arindham Chaudri’s one of the magazine is this..So there will be an allocation of atleast four to five pages for their slogan ”Dare to think beyond IIMs”!!! including the centre page..The book looks glossy and it comes every fortnight and it costs 20 rupees and it’s a worth fish to buy for gaining intense knowledge on advertising, business, and quizzers can use it for their reference on different brands and cinema (it’s heartening they concentrate even on this topic!!) and last but not least you would develop an ability to think that IIPM don’t deserve such an advertisement!!!!

As I stated about the discussion of Indian films in ma previous posts, I thought why not I could write some of the actresses in this industry and then one actress suddenly stroke ma mind last night..That was none other than Konkana sen Sharma..I can even call her as the successor of Shabana Azmi..Such a great actress she is..Hmm ive watched only three of her movies..but was impressed a lot by her acting..Im eager to watch her national award winning film ‘Mr and Mrs Iyer’..May be ill try to download it in a couple of weeks.About her acting in ‘Omkara’, though the film involves a huge sum of celebs like kareena, saif, vivek etc..she made a great impact in the film and won many accolades for her supporting role..Regarding this film Omkara, though it has the same story of Shakespere’s tragic play ‘Othello’ (the name of the film also resembles its old one!!!), but the screen play is impeccable..Most of ma North Indian friends didn’t like this film cos of its excessive use of abusive language and a dark film (indeed!!!) But it was worth watching..May be ill give its review sometime later..Then coming to her next film that I had watched is ‘Life in a metro”…She comes as the sister of Shilpa Shetty..But in this film also she made the maximum of it and acted very well.About her next film ‘Wake up Sid’ she was portrayed as an independent journalist for a magazine ‘Mumbai Beat’ (The name of the magazine is OK but the film got into controversy for its use of Bombay instead of Mumbai)..As many of our Indian films don’t offer major roles to women, Konkana breaks the shackles and has occupied a major position in this Indian film industry, and I forgot to mention her many Bengali films..Apart from Konkana sen sharma, some of the best actresses that I like is Nandita Das, Tabu etc (many are there but I can remember only some!! So no hard feelings if ur glam celeb was not listed) ..Who appears in the screen and becomes a centre of attraction by their sensible acting. With respect to tamil films there are handpick and some of the actresses showcased their acting skills in particular films (maybe because of the director or fear of losing the place in the industry!!!) like Revathi in Mouna ragam, Sujatha in Aval oru Thodarkathai, Suhasini in Sindhu Bhairavi, Sridevi in Moonram pirai etc..Not to forget that these movies were directed by the directors like Mani Ratnam, Balachander, Balu Mahendra etc who gives strong roles to the women in their story line…Hmm I am thinking about a lot of Heroines who act in the films, but this picture of glamour quotient by the actresses always comes in the mind..Most of the North Indian girls when they make their debut in the South Indian Films, they have a pre-conceived notion that showin everything (that is wearin Skimpy clothes) for a “noble” cause of duets will make them climb up the ladder, but they fail to survive in the industry (though there are some exceptions like Nayanthara and Charmi in Telugu)..So its high time these stupid , insensible so-called actresses must realize about the task ahead of them which is nothing but acting and if they do it rightly even their glamour scenes can be forgiven..

Hello friends…Its been a month since ive posted any blog as i was busy with ma final year examinations and project….Finally alls well that ends four years of engineering got completed last Friday with an emphatic fashion..Jus lookin back at ma four years im flummoxed
That how come the time had travelled so fast…But I had to accept the fact that ma college taught me something to cheer up to become a professional..Ok lets come to the point there is no such hoopla about ma course completion cos the results are not yet arrived..So let me keep ma fingers crossed that ill complete it without any hiccups…From now onwards, ive a plan of writing (not really but scribbling!!) at least 3 posts per day..In this phase of time, in addition to ma same old stuff of movie reviews, im gonna discuss about several aspects of life…From a vegetable vendor near ur house to the ipl millionaires who had kept ‘Benami’ holdings…With respect to the word ‘benami’, still I don’t know the origin or etymology of this word…If anyone knows it please comment me..but its meaning is simple..a person who has the possession of another person’s belongings but not seen in the paper i.e fake belongings..By the way I don’t know how to spend this critical four to five months time as im waiting for the call letter from ma company..if anyone have an idea jus send me..Apart from ma daily routine of surf in the net and playing so me fantasy games, I am gonna try ma hands in four-wheeler driving, learning hindi, and try to become a fitness freak (not ‘Freak’ actually!!! But at least try to reduce junk food)..As most of ma older posts dealt with all foreign films, ma pals though they didn’t gave a shot to read ma post, but they always had a complain about me.As I watch a lot of foreign films in ma college life, I gave a damn to ma regional films..So most of them complained that I cant be able to criticize all the films but jus see the best foreign films and appreciate it…But they don’t know the fact that ive matched more tamil films than they had watched and I also have a list of my best picks of tamil flicks and in ma future posts ill give you the reviews of it..Most of them in the other parts of the world that tamil and other Indian films that is far better than many mediocre Hollywood films.. Speakin about Indian films, most of the people in the world in their minds think about illogical fight sequences, duet songs, mother sentiments etc..But some of the films in India reached greater heights and even some of the master-pieces failed to get recoginition..So let me dig the past and discuss about some films in my future posts..Till then Kudos!!!!